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This list does not cite any sources. Converters: These allow users zamzar pdf to csv convert PDF files to other formats. For software to convert other formats to PDF, see the various Creators sections below.

HTML to PDF converters’ entries in Comparison of HTML to PDF converters. Editors: These allow users to modify an existing PDF file. Export PDF and many other formats, multi-pages and multi-layers. Has many of the features offered by Acrobat. Import PDF with multiple pages as layouts, export as a one-page PDF. All standard vector graphics editor features. Allows compatible saving as PDF 1.

These are used by software developers to add and create PDF features. Java developer library for creating, view, extract, print PDF files. Java developer library for viewing, extracting, and printing PDF files. Java, and HTML5 developer library for reading, writing, viewing, annotating, and extracting text from PDF files.

Open source library to create and manipulate PDF files in Java. NET, JAVA, Objective-C, Python, Ruby and PHP library for creating, editing, annotating, optimizing and viewing PDF files. These create files in their native formats, but then allow users to export them to PDF formats. For e-book readers, see also Comparison of e-book readers.

Reader for Desktop computer and Mobile Devices. Aims to be small and fast with high quality anti-aliased graphics. View PDFs in a variety of zoom layouts, annotate, tag, search, cross-reference. A simple, small and fast pdf reader. Xpdf: a multi-platform viewer for PDF files, Amiga version uses X11 engine Cygnix. Supports a range of annotation types. 2swf component converts PDF to SWF.

Open source program for page layout. Open source multi-backend library for viewing and manipulating PDF files. Bundled with a viewer with the same name for the X Window System. Extant versions are obsolete, Adobe has stopped support for Linux.

Lightweight document viewer with vim-like keybindings. Safari: This bundled web browser has built-in support for reading PDF documents. 5 and later, it also can rotate, reorder, annotate, insert, and delete pages. It can also merge files, create new files from existing files, and move pages between files. PDF-XChange: PDF Tools and PDF-XChange print driver allow conversion from many formats to PDF. Qiqqa: Converts Microsoft Word document and Web Pages to PDF. Word, Excel, Powerpoint, into PDF format.

Creates a PDF with embedded Creative Commons license from any software. Bundled with optional proprietary Razoss adware and browser tools. Virtual printer, also with proprietary PDF editor. Attempts to install the Ask Toolbar as well as Hotspot Shield. Virtual printer that comes with Foxit Reader.

Enterprise-level creator to create, review, edit, share or archive PDF and XPS documents. After 30 days shareware version places a watermark on documents. Manual and documentation authoring tool with native PDF export. The PDF-XChange print driver allows printing directly to a PDF.