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If it wasn’t yellowstone travel guide pdf the fact that he and his wife had a baby on the way, Brian Kalt may never have discovered how to commit the perfect crime. A law professor at Michigan State University in 2004, Kalt needed to publish one article annually in order to be considered for tenure. He began researching the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution, which stipulates that jurors in federal criminal trials must live in both the federal judicial district and the state where a crime was thought to be committed.

Kalt kept seeing repeated reference to the fact that district boundaries typically followed state lines, with one exception: the District of Wyoming. Time and again, the authors would indicate that it was of little significance. And was it really so insignificant? With limited time to write a paper before his baby arrived and diverted all his attention, Kalt decided to postpone his more involved initial idea and pursue the second.

After more research, he discovered that Wyoming’s district geography was unique among the 50 states. As a result of some sloppy Congressional maneuvering, there exists a 50-square-mile zone in Yellowstone National Park where someone could—hypothetically—commit a crime and get away with it. Kalt knew what his legal theory paper was going to be about. Psychopaths, and then neurotic people who are afraid of psychopaths.

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Kalt is in the latter category. The theory goes like this: Yellowstone, a federally-supervised national park that resides mainly in Wyoming, has small patches of land bleeding into neighboring Idaho and Montana. Idaho portion is uninhabited land with few visitors. This is where a federal prosecuting attorney’s head would begin to throb.

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