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Can O’Regan avoid putting his foot in veterans’ mouths? Need some quick tips on protecting yourself when blowing the whistle? For a more comprehensive treatment, visit our Links and Books Page. Whistleblowing in organizations pdf has several excellent books on the topic.

Accountability: What It Is Accountability refers to duties and responsibilities and answering for the performance of those duties and responsibilities. In the ideal, managers of a corporation are accountable to the board who are accountable to shareholders. In democratic government, bureaucrats are accountable to elected officials who are accountable to voters. Accountability is to people with a legitimate interest and is about controlling conduct and preventing mismanagement and misconduct. Frequently, accountability is a two-way relationship. Nor should they, through their actions, endanger others or allow problems to go unaddressed.

For example, if fraud is occurring in a corporation, the board of directors and the shareholders have a right to know. Accountability also implies that there are mechanisms by which the performance of responsibilities can be reported, heard and acted upon in a constructive manner. Shortcomings must be able to be addressed by remedial action or penalties. Thus, where there are no mechanisms to report on the performance of duties and responsibilities or no means to address poor conduct, mismanagement or misconduct, no accountability can be said to exist. The definition has undergone some debate since then, but whistleblowing is now generally accepted an act by a person or group to disclose to authorities or to the public acts of significant wrongdoing. The wrongdoing may relate to a violation of the law, unethical activities, health and safety violations or other matters which pose a risk or danger to public health, safety or interests.

There is no law, no system, no set of regulations which can more effectively hold governments to account than the conscience of man. Opposition parties, the public and the press rely on individuals, not systems, to tell us what those who rule over us would like us not to know. Editorial in The Independent of London, on the arrest of Tory M. In the broadest possible terms, any person who exposes or reports wrongdoing is a whistleblower. Similarly, a bureaucrat who reports mismanagement to the press is also a whistleblower. Some definitions have required that reprisal take place for a person to be considered a whistleblower. This is not the position of Canadians for Accountability.

It is obviously preferred that the individual suffer no retaliation, but whether or not this happens cannot be known to the whistleblower before he or she makes the decision to speak out. Thus, it is reasonable that those who do not suffer reprisals be as honoured for their courage as those who do. Much has been said and written about the motives of whistleblowers. For example, it is typical for whistleblowers to be characterized by management as disgruntled individuals may have fabricated elements of their disclosure. Others view whistleblowers as moral paragons. While truth depends on the individual, it should be understood that whistleblowers are not perfect individuals, and that motive should have little bearing on whether a person is considered a whistleblower.

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