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Pedro Taverna, 18, takes part in a protest for better wages outside Wal-mart in Los Angeles November 7, 2013. More than 50 people demanding better wages for Wal-Mart walmart $4 pdf 2014 in a protest organized by a union were arrested outside the retailer’s store in the Chinatown section of Los Angeles. Walmart is the beneficiary of billions of dollars per year in federal subsidies, according to a new report  from the non-partisan, progressive group Americans for Tax Fairness.

8 billion per year in federal subsidies and tax breaks. 2 billion in public assistance for low-wage Walmart employees, including programs like food stamps, subsidized housing, and Medicaid. The existence of these welfare payments means that the reservation wage rises. Ed Schultz, David Cay Johnston and Robert Greenwald discuss the real way to fix the budget – through raising the minimum wage. For members of OUR Walmart, the labor activist group that has led major strikes against the company, the primary issue seems to be whether Walmart could afford to raise wages for them such that they would no longer need public assistance. OUR Walmart member and Walmart employee Anthony Goytia in a statement. In November, a Walmart in Ohio was discovered to be collecting food donations for its own employees, many of whom evidently couldn’t afford their own Thanksgiving dinners on their current salaries.

He noted that Walmart had promoted more than 170,000 employees in the past fiscal year. Poll: Should Walmart do more to get its employees off food stamps? Please forward this error screen to sharedip-160153405. Is Walmart Camping Dangerous for RVers? After a long day on the road, these road-weary travelers happily take advantage of the company’s policy to allow overnight stays in cities that don’t restrict it. Most of these guests will return the favor going inside to buy a few items.

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