Types of toothbrushes pdf

Both gum disease and tooth decay are the primary reasons for tooth loss. Types of toothbrushes pdf are numerous different types of powered toothbrushes available to the public, ranging in price and mode of action. Powered toothbrushes also vary drastically in price.

It includes 56 studies published from 1964 to 2011 in which 5068 participants were randomised to receive either a powered toothbrush or a manual toothbrush. The evidence produced shows benefits in using a powered toothbrush when compared with a manual toothbrush. The benefits of this for long-term dental health are unclear. The clinical importance of these findings remains unclear. Observation of methodological guidelines and greater standardisation of design would benefit both future trials and meta-analyses. Cost, reliability and side effects were inconsistently reported.

Any reported side effects were localised and only temporary. There is conflicting evidence for the relative merits of manual and powered toothbrushing in achieving this. 2003, and previously updated in 2005. An American based electronic database listing articles of biomedical research from a pre-determined range of peer-reviewed publications.

We searched the US National Institutes of Health Trials Register and the WHO Clinical Trials Registry Platform for ongoing trials. No restrictions were placed on the language or date of publication when searching the electronic databases. A test in which persons in a population are randomly divided into two groups, usually called study group and control groups. We used standard methodological procedures expected by The Cochrane Collaboration.

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