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Please forward this the study of angels pdf screen to 108. Materials You are invited to make use of these studies– feel free to make copies for your class use. All we ask is that you please notify us of any corrections.

We hope you enjoy using the material and that you can be fruitful in God’s vineyard. Most of the booklets are authored by Paul Cantrell who was a minister of the gospel in the church of Christ for over 60 years serving mainly in the Northeast in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. His children are faithful members of our congregation although he and his wife have gone home to be with the Lord. For other angelic hierarchies, see Hierarchy of angels.

The Assumption of the Virgin by Francesco Botticini at the National Gallery London, shows three hierarchies and nine orders of angels, each with different characteristics. Orthodox icon of nine orders of angels. In Christianity, angels are agents of God, based on angels in Judaism. The first sphere angels serve as the heavenly servants of God the Son incarnated. Seraphim surround the divine throne in this illustration from the Petites Heures de Jean de Berry, a 14th-century illuminated manuscript. A cherub, as described by Ezekiel and according to traditional Christian iconography.

Modern English usage has blurred the distinction between cherubim and putti. Thomas Aquinas imagined Satan as a fallen Cherub. One traditional depiction of the chariot vision, based on the description in Ezekiel. It is not unusual to find that the Thrones are associated, by some, with the Ophanim or Erelim from the Jewish angelic hierarchy. However there is very little evidence, if any, to sustain this idea. Christian theologians that include the Thrones as one of the choirs don’t describe them as wheels, describing them as adoring elder men who listen to the will of God and present the prayers of men. The Twenty Four Elders in the Book of Revelation are usually thought to be part of this group of angels.

Angels of the Second Sphere work as heavenly governors of the creation by subjecting matter and guiding and ruling the spirits. Dominations” are presented as the hierarchy of celestial beings “Lordships” in some English translations of the De Coelesti Hierarchia. The Dominions regulate the duties of lower angels. The Dominions are believed to look like divinely beautiful humans with a pair of feathered wings, much like the common representation of angels, but they may be distinguished from other groups by wielding orbs of light fastened to the heads of their scepters or on the pommel of their swords. These angels are those through which signs and miracles are made in the world.