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Introduction Several Shakespearian biographers have speculated that of all the avenues left open to us to progress our understanding of the Poet himself, discovering more of those he knew or was associated with during his life may prove the most fruitful and, of course, much has been done in this regard already, upon which I have drawn heavily. The starting point for my research was an effort to cast light on a man who was made known to us by his appearance as her executor in the will of Shakespeare’s granddaughter, Lady or Dame Elizabeth Bernard. The relationship of this man, Edward Bagley, to Lady Bernard has, surprisingly given the attention that has been lavished on much minutia concerning the bedford companion to shakespeare pdf remotely touching on Shakespearian biography, been largely ignored. Cabinets in which undoubtedly were several of her gfathers papers.

Bagley died, is uncertain, no will of his having been discovered in the Prerog. Office tho’ search has been made there for 50 yrs subseqt. See Shakespeare’s Family by Charlotte Carmichael Stopes, 1901 pp. See Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office: Papers of Richard Savage. In most recent works, however, it is unusual to even find a passing reference to this man, almost as if he has been airbrushed out of existence.

However, before we examine that, it is necessary to provide some background to his origins and establish who he was not. Black Country Beginnings: Many students of the Black Country will be aware of the history of the Lords Dudley and of these that of the last of the male Sutton dynasty is perhaps one of the better known. Edward Sutton, 9th Lord Dudley, has gone down to posterity has a wastrel and philanderer, largely responsible for the ruination of his family’s wealth and prosperity. However, it is the other aspect of Sutton’s character as a philanderer that has more of a bearing on this investigation than his business acumen or lack of it. 233 for the will of The Honorable Lady Theodosia Dudley, wife of Edward Sutton, dated 11 September 1649 and proved 3 February 1651. Theodosia Harrington, daughter of Sir James Harrington of Exton married Edward Sutton at St. Benet Fink, London on 12 June 1581.

Edward Sutton was 14 years old when he married Theodosia Harrington. Mary – Baptised 2 October 1586. Ferdinando – Baptised 4 September 1588, St. Edward Sutton’s children with Elizabeth Tomlinson as certified by him. In Dugdale’s 1663-4 Visitation of Staffordshire as certified by Dud Dudley, his mother is described as “Elizabeth, daughter of William Tomlinson of Dudley, concubine of Edward Lord Dudley. It should be noted that the original of Dugdale’s Visitation is at the College of Heralds and that Grazebrook states that no entire copy exists anywhere, although copies, such as are now available on CD, differ as Grazebrook warns, from the original.

218 Will of John Bagley dated 3 May 1648 and proved 8 August 1648. The parish registers for Dudley and Sedgley show nine children whose father is John Bagley baptised between 1602 and 1616 viz. Edward – baptised 18 October 1602 St. John – baptised 29 December 1603 St. Dudley – baptised 01 September 1605 St. Unnamed daughter baptised 27 December 1606 St. Elyzabeth – baptised 09 February 1607-8 St.

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