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His work has won four Nebula awards, four Hugo awards, the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and four Locus awards. Chiang was born in Port Jefferson, New York. Critic John Clute has written that Chiang’s writing has a “tight-hewn and lucid style has a magnetic effect on the reader. Chiang turned down a Hugo nomination for his short story “Liking What You See: A Documentary” in 2003, on the grounds that the story was rushed due to editorial pressure and did not turn out as he had really wanted. In 2013, his collection of translated stories Die Hölle ist die Abwesenheit Gottes won the German Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis for best foreign science fiction. The Great Silence” was included in The Best American Short Stories anthology for 2016, which is a rare honor for stories and authors that fall under the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres.

Dacey’s Patent Automatic Nanny”, The Thackery T. A film adaptation by Eric Heisserer of “Story of Your Life”, titled Arrival and directed by Denis Villeneuve, was released in 2016 to a critical and commercial success. Chiang was an instructor at the Clarion Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers’ Workshop at UC San Diego in 2012 and 2016. 2011 Hugo and Campbell Awards Winners”.

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Archived from the original on 2008-04-02. Your First Look at Arrival, the Adaptation of Ted Chiang’s Novella Story of Your Life”. Clarion at UC San Diego Graduates and Instructors”. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ted Chiang. This page was last edited on 28 March 2018, at 10:41. This article is about the Ted Chiang novella. For the Ted Chiang anthology, see Stories of Your Life and Others.

Ted Chiangs “Story of your life” illo. Story of Your Life” won the 2000 Nebula Award for Best Novella, as well as the 1999 Theodore Sturgeon Award. It was nominated for the 1999 Hugo Award for Best Novella. The novella has been translated into Italian, French and German.