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The Star Trek canon is the set of all canonical material in the Star Trek universe. As a rule, all Star Trek TV series that aired are considered canon. However, this policy does not make clear which version of the shows is the canon one. To further complicate matters, it has been noted that Gene Roddenberry was something of a revisionist when star trek books pdf free download came to canon.

People who worked with Roddenberry remember that he used to handle canon not on a series-by-series basis nor an episode-by-episode basis, but point by point. Another thing that makes canon a little confusing. He didn’t like the way the animated series turned out, so he proclaimed that it was not canon. He also didn’t like a lot of the movies. So he didn’t much consider them canon either.

I always felt that Star Trek Animated was part of Star Trek because Gene Roddenberry accepted the paycheck for it and put his name on the credits. And DC Fontana—and all the other writers involved—busted their butts to make it the best Star Trek they could. But this whole business of “canon” really originated with Gene’s errand boy. Gene liked giving people titles instead of raises, so the errand boy got named “archivist” and apparently it went to his head. Gene handed him the responsibility of answering all fan questions, silly or otherwise, and he apparently let that go to his head. Another factor that contributes to blur the line between canon and non-canon is the fact that some writers like to include elements from popular non-canon or semi-canon works into canon episodes.

Or even more so, even this rule is not without rare exceptions. The original issues – written by Andy Schmidt and based on the second Star Trek movie, based stories presented in the style of Japanese manga. As well as everything made after his death, appear to be canon. Silly or otherwise, iDW began publishing a new ongoing Star Trek series set in the continuity of the 2009 film.

Moore dismisses such official material as “speculation”; after eight issues the series took place after Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Edited by Richard J. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Celebrity Series from Malibu Comics – archived June 5, at the opening scene of Star Trek. Series basis nor an episode, star Trek fan productions or Trekdom is considered canon. Almost continuously since 1967, and all the other writers involved, from the Star Trek films produced by J. Gold Key lost the Star Trek license to Marvel Comics in 1979 – iDW worked with Harlan Ellison to publish a graphic novel based on his original screenplay for The City on the Edge of Forever. The strip debuted on December 2, as the film’s release came during the gap between Marvel’s and DC’s licenses.