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When data has a neighborhood structure, ICAR models provide spatial smoothing by averaging measurements of directly adjoining regions. ICAR component and an ordinary random-effects component for non-spatial heterogeneity. It’s based on her Stan case study on ICAR models. The event is open to the public. Here are the Meetup registration details. On the other hand, I’ve recently started to use rstanarm, which I now clearly prefer to the traditional estimation methods, not least because of the possibility to specify weakly informative priors and the resulting regularization. If you want to fit several models and average their posterior distributions, I recommend stacking, as described in this recent paper.

Filed under Bayesian Statistics, Multilevel Modeling, Stan. Laplace was there, 200 years ago. In his book from the early 1800s, Essai Philosophique sur les Probabilités, the mathematician Pierre-Simon de Laplace anticipated many ideas developed in the 1970s in cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, explaining human tendencies to deviate from norms of rationality in the presence of probability and uncertainty. Laplace’s approach to identifying behavior that departed from the enlightenment conception of rational decision making—an effort that occurred in parallel with his role as a major architect of this ideal, as it applied to inference and decision making under uncertainty—spurred him to search for the general principles of reasoning that underlay these departures. More generally, Laplace’s work as a proto-psychologist and applied statistician, which complemented his career as a mathematician and physicist, demonstrates the creative tension between normative and descriptive ideas of inference and decision making. Modern behavioral science research has taken us far beyond Laplace. While Laplace was an early advocate for the scientific method to be applied to psychological questions, he was limited in his inquiry by his reliance upon observational data.

Nevertheless, Laplace’s attempts to understand the underlying mechanisms for people’s biases were highly original, insightful, in many ways were centuries ahead of their time, and in at least two instances produced novel conjectures that have not been tested to this day. We believe that modern-day social and behavioral scientists can benefit from revisiting Laplace’s thinking on illusions in the estimation of probabilities, and beyond. Close it, the cat wants to go out. Repeat for the next few hours. Some kind of cognitive bias that the grass is always greener?

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