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There is a PDF format for printing or viewing that includes text and soil maps. This site gives a detailed description of the twelve soil orders and detailed maps sepup issues and physical science pdf their locations in the United States. Find gemstones grouped by a range of search criteria, including color and crystal shape.

The site also has information about minerals, a photo gallery, and a glossary. The description of each mineral includes a photo, its chemistry, and its physical characteristics. Site developed by Amethyst Galleries, Inc. To view many photographs of structures formed by erosion, go to this site maintained by the American Geological Institute and do a search for key words such as: erosion, deposition, delta or canyon for many excellent images.

Soil erosion on unprotected soil in a developing area. Supai Group rocks at the base. Devils Tower at Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming. Delta where a river enters a lake in Alaska.

Housing development on Mississippi River Delta. Arrange the landforms due to erosion by size, from smallest erosion channel to largest. Which do you think might form in a very short time? Which do you think took the longest to form? Hint: Use other objects in the picture to determine the size of the channels. Use this interactive website developed by Nova to explore four types of cave formation. The National Snow and Ice Data Center provides information about the formation and effects of glaciers.

At this site, maintained by The Virtual Birder, ecologist Jennifer Nesbitt tells why she decided to become an avian ecologist and explains how she conducts research with birds. Peter Etnoyer’s pet fish had 200 babies in his aquarium when he was in elementary school. Lief Sigren explains how his work as an ecologist relates to peoples’ lives and wetland ecosystems all over the world at this site sponsored by the National Institute of Environmental Health Science . Can you imagine robots so small they can fit inside the human body? How about a spray on skin that can be used to treat cuts?

Go to this site sponsored by a group of engineers’ organizations, to read about these and other projects that engineers are currently working on. This site also introduces you to several different engineers and describes their projects. This site, maintained by the National Academy of Engineering, has fun facts and cool links that show how turning imagination into reality can lead to a career in engineering. Watch a short video and learn about the Grand Challenges in engineering as determined by the National Academy of Engineering.

Oregon over a 100-year period of time. Use the photos to answer the questions in your book. Department of Energy’s site for the latest information on storing radioactive waste, including the Yucca Mountain Repository. You can choose the length of time you would like to animate the movement of the continents, beginning as early as 750 million years ago.

Site maintained by the University of California’s Museum of Paleontology. See five images that trace the movement of the earth’s continents over the last 225 million years at this U. Geological Survey site contains a world map with major tectonic plates identified by name. Examine a world map showing plate movement based on satellite data. You can then scroll down to the index map to select a region of the world and see vectors showing the direction and magnitude of movement. Site developed by NASA’s Space Geodesy Laboratory.

You can see a world map with vectors showing the direction and magnitude of movement within tectonic plates. Site developed by the late John C. Butler, a professor at the University of Houston. Use this simulation to complete Activities 47 and 48. Observe the movement of convergent, divergent, and transform plate boundaries over periods of time from 10 years to 20 million years. Use this link to investigate your local weather. Randy Keller, a geologist who studies the chemistry of volcanic rocks to learn how explosive a volcano is, how old it is, how deep the lava came from, and what that lava encountered on its way to the surface.

Some piloted and some unpiloted, click here to see a list of publications for sale. Find gemstones grouped by a range of search criteria, peter Etnoyer’s pet fish had 200 babies in his aquarium when he was in elementary school. Range of standards, the four sessions in each kit build upon each other but stand alone to accommodate flexible attendance. Year integrated science course or how to use individual GSS elements as supplementary materials for existing high school biology — it also shows how the phase of the Moon relates to extreme tides. Site developed by Amethyst Galleries, this site provides answers to questions about sundials and gives information about how to make or set up your own sundial. How deep the lava came from, oregon over a 100, based science concepts.