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Handbook of Veterinary Anesthesia, 5th Editionby William W. Handbook of Veterinary Anesthesia, 5th Edition is a well-accepted guide to performing anesthesia and anesthetic techniques safely and effectively. This convenient pocket guide provides clear, concise guidelines on anesthetic procedures for dogs, cats, horses, ruminants, camelids, pigs, birds, and other exotic pets. User-friendly format provides instant access to vital information on anesthetic procedures and techniques for dogs, cats, horses, ruminants, camelids, pigs, birds, and other exotic pets.

Thoroughly UPDATED topics include patient evaluation, patient preparation methods, safe and effective operation of anesthetic equipment, and chemical restraint procedures. Respected authors are recognized as experts in the field of veterinary anesthesia. Over 100 tables, boxes, and graphs summarize anesthetic protocols and clinical applications, including dosages, advantages, and disadvantages of each drug. UPDATED anesthetic drug information and NEW pain management techniques provide the latest on indications, toxicities, and recommended dosages.

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EXPANDED step-by-step overviews of anesthetic and analgesic techniques make it easier to review and perform procedures. UPDATED coverage of euthanasia, including the most current AVMA guidelines, provides today’s accepted protocols for the provision of euthanasia. UPDATED complementary and alternative strategies provide non-pharmacologic interventions for pain management. UPDATED research findings and clinical applications address special anesthetic considerations necessary in cats. Why these books not getting downloaded.