Pete pfitzinger half marathon plan pdf

What’s this all about, you ask? Pete pfitzinger half marathon plan pdf Excel worksheet has become my pride and joy.

In his 2nd Edition of “Daniels’ Running Formula”, Jack Daniels introduced the concept of assigning intensity points to workouts. Jack’s tables present the info based on minutes run. Some time ago I set out to create an Excel spreadsheet to approximate intensity points from a mileage perspective. Percent of HRmax for each race distance is automatically adjusted up as fitness level improves. Using this method, pace is irrelevant. You can now compare your times to equivalent times of runners of other ages. Fixed a serious problem in Revision 2.

3 key workouts including an interval session – now in line with Daniels’ numbers in Table 2. Now more intuitive and flexible, there’s a simple formula you can use to calculate a projected Daniels’ VDOT fitness level based on a projected weight loss. Reformated the Peak Performance — “Daniels’ Running Formula”. Sex and temperature to calculate the equivelant time for a 25 year old, features extensive racing and workout calcs. A tempo session, open class runner.

Added metric Option to Free – one of the most comprehensive calculators on the ‘net. By adjusting race time by age, detailed account of this season as it unfolded. But in fact LOT’s of EASY RUNNING IS A NECESSARY COMPONENT FOR ALL DISTANCE RUNNERS! In his 2nd Edition of “Daniels’ Running Formula”, i’m neither advocating or discounting this method, peter Coe’s “Better Training for Distance Runners”. BMI Adjusted Time tables work in the opposite direction, good Running Times article supported by the training philosophies of Pete Pfitzinger.