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If you want to make an ebook that can be read on a digital device, you’ll pdf to epub best it in this EPUB format. How to Convert to EPUB For the purpose of this conversion walkthrough, we are going to use a free application called Calibre.

WIndows, Mac OS X, and Linux clients available to download and use. On this conversion screen, you can adjust the table of contents, metadata, author name, publisher, comments, and change the ebooks cover image. Conversion is usually pretty quick and the newly converted EPUB book will be placed into the Calibre Library folder that you setup when you first opened the program. That’s all there is to it.

EPUB is also the standard format you’ll download when you receive a digital book on the aforementioned devices, it is the accepted standard for publishers and conversion houses for digital book distribution and sales. PDB, PML, RB, RTF, TCR, TXT. You’ll notice that the Word DOC format is missing from the above initial compatible format list, but this is not a problem. Just save the Word DOC file to an HTML or RTF file from within Word and you can then convert that RTF or HTML compatible file into EPUB. PDF files will convert fine but you may lose some images in the process if they are in the vector format. TXT does not maintain any styling so your EPUB will look remarkably bland if you use TXT as your source format, RTF retains better but still limited styling as well.

Note that HTML is a preferred source format because EPUB supports the use of CSS styling and inline images, this helps maintain styling consistency when creating and styling your ebook. There is a catch though, quality. Of course the converted ebooks will be readable to some extent, unfortunately it won’t be a pleasure to read them. Which are a pain to read because of XML code leftovers and broken formatting. The quality of the books is nothing to do with Apple or the conversion. Your complaint seems typical of the anti-Apple brigade. I have several converted books and they have no more problems than others.

I suspect that the problem is with the original books. In other words I use Calibre to convert from mobi to epub. That is a good point I will correct the article. DRM issues, but there are converters for epub to mobi available including the aforementioned Calibre. There is a strong push for native EPUB support due to it being an open standard.

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