Oracle exadata expert”s handbook pdf

In the listener log file you constantly get the following warning message. Oracle exadata expert’s handbook pdf: Subscription for node down event still pending. This subscription to ONS is introduced in Oracle 10g for RAC environment.

So in a non-RAC environment subscription to ONS is not needed. Solve the WARNING message in the listener log. Disable subscription for listener to ONS. This can be done by setting the following parameter in the listener. Alternatively you can reload the listener if availability is important to you.

This will prevent the messages from being written to the log file. Jos van den Oord works as a Technical Manager Core Technology for the Core Tech team of Oracle Consulting in the Netherlands. He holds the following certifications: Oracle Certified Master database administrator 11g, Oracle database administrator OCP 8. Richard Foote Consulting Seminars At Your Workplace ! Follow these steps to configure RMAN backups in Data Guard environment. When you want to managed the archivelog deletion policy from one centralpoint.

APPLIED ON STANDBY – enables flash recovery area to delete archivelogs that are applied on mandatory standby. NONE – enables flash recovery area to delete archivelogs that are backed up to tertiary device and that are obsolete based on the configured backup retention policy. CLEAR – clears the deletion policy and returns the specified configuration to default value. When Backup is taken form the Standby Database.

By default, this configuration requires that at least one remote destination is set to mandatory. Archived logs are deleted if space in the Flash Recovery Area needs to be reclaimed for new files. Note: Mandatory standby destination can impact the primary database if the standby destination cannot be reached. Configure RMAN standby database where backups are taken:Issue the following command on the physical standby where the backup will be taken. Specify when the archived logs can be deleted with the CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY COMMAND. Since the logs are backed up at the standby site, you should specified the NONE option for the log deletion policy.