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Dollar is Lagging Euro, Yen Despite Higher Rates? Fed raising rates, due to increased risk from trade disputes with China and others. Trade War Impact Grain, Meat Markets? China has a strong influence on commodities, directly and vicariously. Could the Initiation of Trade Skirmishes Lead to Trade Wars? Could the trade skirmish set off by U.

Chinese imports lead to a full-blown trade war that might impact global growth? Quotes are delayed by at least 10 minutes. CME Group is the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace. In terms of this transaction, Iscor seeks to purchase the IDC’s half share so that Saldanha becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of Iscor.

The merging parties have asked for the merger to be approved unconditionally. In its recommendation to us the Commission also asked for unconditional approval, but at the hearing it asked for the merger to be approved with a condition relating to supply to a downstream customer of Saldanha’s, Duferco. The Commission and the parties have advanced different reasons for why the merger should be approved. The merging parties argue that as the merger amounts to a change from joint control to sole control, there is no lessening of competition. Hence the merger should be regarded as neutral in substance with no effect on the competitive fabric of the market. The Commission does not examine this argument in any depth in its recommendation to us, but finds that the two firms were never competitors in South Africa as Saldanha only supplied offshore customers.

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