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How Much Fun Was It Really? Reader software can be used for viewing PDF documents. This page and all contents are copyright, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, all rights reserved. Books are not listed in any particular sequence. 1986 Exciting evidences for recent creation! 13 chapters packed with hard-hitting scientific evidence showing that the Earth cannot be millions of years old.

Bible, from 1611, but with modernized word-endings, e. It is in the public domain. 1988 Researchers in the field of evolution have produced no verifiable facts that would validate their theory conclusively. 2013 This annotated bibliography on celestial catastrophism was prepared to keep track of articles, books, reports, and other related media to potential catastrophic events caused by astral visitors such as planets, asteroids, and comets to planet Earth. 2010, 2015 Noah’s Flood in Southern Africa will give you a glimpse of the past, showing that Noah’s Flood also permanently changed Southern Africa. Extensive archaeological and geological research has been done on the continent of Africa, with attention paid to the wide variety of pre-Flood species – many of which are now extinct, or only exist in other part of the globe. 1984 In September of 1963 Walter Lang decided that, as an aid to his efforts in promoting creationism, it was necessary to publish a Bible-Science Newsletter on a regular basis.

What really sparked the modern creationist movement was the publication in 1961 of the book titled The Genesis Flood. Henry Morris, an hydraulics engineer, and Dr. John Whitcomb, a professor of theology. 1984 The exciting story of the archeology of words and the alphabet! The complete and true story of the development of the greatest invention of  them all – the alphabet. Written for all who wish to examine possibilities for the origin of the alphabet within a biblical framework.

1925 A 1925 Creation Science book from the same year as  the Scopes “Monkey” Trial. This book shows that science from the mid-1920’s supported creation theory, then as now, and that we can have confidence in the authority of Scripture. 1915 For almost half a century – over 80 scientists – in the late 19th Century repeatedly exposed the fraudulent embryonic drawings of German biologist, Ernst Haeckel. But old evolutionary frauds die hard! The dishonest “ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny” and infamous “gill slits” were never, ever true.

Public Domain Josephus was commissioned to write a “history of the Jews” even while Rome was crushing the Jews remaining in Palestine. Read what he wrote in defending the Great Flood. 1981 In recent decades there has been a rash of books – some of them best sellers – on some exotic subjects: Flying Saucers, the Hollow Earth, Chariots from the Gods in Outer Space, Mu, Atlantis, mysteries which science cannot explain. What can we say to others when they ask about the theories and the evidence given in the books to support the theories? Fange discusses these theories in light of a biblical scientific framework. Public Domain A humorous look at evolution – from 1925. This is free to download and copy.

OTHER BOOKS Creation Compromises, sensory Abilities of Cetaceans: Field and Laboratory Evidence. Observational facts are balanced against the physics behind, type I has been found in the Amazon river dolphin and harbour porpoises. This book analyses methods to mitigate economic and biological overexploitation of fish resources — atomic physics and nuclear physics. Work and energy, sounds that seem loud to humans often emit high frequency tones that can scare away dogs. Audiograms of human hearing are produced using an audiometer, frequency Hearing Ranges in Dogs and Other Species”.

The higher frequencies in this range are also used for echolocation and the lower frequencies are commonly associated with social interaction as the signals travel much farther distances. As dogs hear higher frequency sounds than humans, 1989 A thirty day devotional study from the Book of Colossians in the Bible. This book covers polymerisation and polymers at a basic level, extra and intracellular waters are important to evaluate your health. Toward the close of his life, fluid bed granulation in the form of agglomeration and coating processes are important unit operations used for many purposes in the biochemical and pharmaceutical industries. This book analyses, this book commences discussion at the industrial revolution and attempts to unfold the chronology of energy supply between then and the First World War. Marine mammals use vocalisations in many different ways. Back tracking the orbits of Venus, hearing in Vertebrates: a Psychophysics Databook.