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Now be ready to know about operating system concepts for ibps with notes and definition etc. Here IBPS Recruitment Guide provides you complete details about ibps exam multi user operating system pdf of operating system topic.

Examiner asked all questions based on this given information below so read it carefully it will help you for operating system questions and answers for ibps. After it, you may also check some multi-choice question bank of the operating system online. Operating System is widely used, a very important software and runs on the computer system. Operating System is used to manage memory, processes of the computer and supports to computer’s hardware and software. Operating System is used to allow for communication between user and computer system, without the complexity of users to know about the language of the computer. It is software that is a set of different complex instruction, that instruct computer system of how to work.

It is a middle man between software and hardware components of computer system. Operating System provides an interface between user and computer so that a user can work efficiently with the computer system without of any complexity. Operating System is the backbone of a computer system without which a computer has no worth or useless. What are jobs of Operating System? Operating System supports hardware and software functionality of computer system.

When a user is working on a computer system, most of the time there can be more than one program, that is running simultaneously on the computer system and all are accessing the CPU, computer’s memory, and storage. At that time, Operating System is used to coordinate or maintain all these processes so that each and every program can easily use all the resources to get complete their jobs at the right time. Working and responsibilities of Operating System vary from system to system. It is also used to maintain security, does not provide unauthorized access to the system. Now focus on functions of operating system.

What are types of Operating System based on functionality? Multi-user permits more than one user to execute multiple programs at a single time. Multiprocessing allows one program to run on different CPUs. Multi threading permits many small parts of a single program to execute simultaneously.

Multitasking gives support to many tasks so that they can run concurrently. Real-time Operating System gives a response to input given by the user in real time or instantly. How Operating System provides application support to computer? Operating System is used to provide a platform that is used to run application program. Application Programs are the programs that are written to run on Operating System.

Now days Operating System are GUI based means support Graphical user interface that let you to use mouse, buttons, and menus. All these used for easy communication between user and computer. Every Operating system has associated with its GUI, and every OS GUI is different from other Operating System’s GUI. Microsoft windows, Apple Mac OS x, and Linux. Why does a computer need Operating System? The question is that why are all programs running on a system does not interact with each other directly? As discussed Operating System provides an interface between user and the system, with the use of Operating System, programs do not need as much RAM and can perform better.

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