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You can download the paper by clicking the button above. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. While most firms in that era were keen to dismiss it as nothing but a rebranding exercise meant to give the personnel management departments more prominence, over time they have come to appreciate that the michael armstrong human resource management pdf of Human Resource Management is significantly wider than just looking at hiring and training people to do a job. Karen Legge had perpetuated the thought of the Contingency Theory which had articulated that people policies are not a standard plug and play concept which can be applied independent of the situation an organization finds itself in.

While the theory of strategic management had existed since the 1960s, the ideals of mission statements and objectives took a while longer to sink into the psyche of firms. The early adopters benefited as the focus afforded by a well articulated mission and vision helped organizations grow at a quicker pace, as the objectives of the top management permeated down to the lowest levels. One of the most dominant early theories of Strategic Management was of a resource based view of a firm which focussed on optimizing the value of existing resources and developing new ones. Over a period of time the definition of the inputs that go into making a business work expanded from capital and raw material to include people. There are many different definitions that exist for Strategic HRM, but all of them largely have the same underlying theme which is to utilize people in the best possible way to help achieve organizational goals. This utilization can happen through well defined HR policies or practices, or by integrating HR into the organization’s objectives not just as an independent function, but perhaps more importantly as a relevant skill that line managers must have.

Defining a strategy to help an organization achieve a competitive advantage requires using its current and future resources productively. HRM is not just seen as a stand alone function in organizations fulfilling the old role of personnel management, but is instead applied both vertically and horizontally in an organization. While logically the above makes complete sense, applying it in the real world required HR thinkers to dig deeper. Three approaches were defined as guidelines which organizations could choose to apply depending on which better defined the situation that they found themselves in. In 2004, Mercer HR Consulting developed an organizational performance model which among other things was based on people, structure, processes and rewards. It was based on the necessary alignment of each of the above to optimize the human capital of the organization.

While aligning the HR objectives with that of the organization were critical, over time it also became necessary to evaluate the impact that Strategic HRM was making to the overall organization in measurable terms. It was crucial to determine HR parameters based on which organizational performance could be measured. Traditionally, during tough economic times the role played by HR departments the world over gets magnified. However, it is interesting to note how often during good economic times that same role is so often overlooked. The link between Strategic HRM and Organizational Performance is undeniable, and it is the state of the economy which often helps bring it to the fore. The funny thing about good times is that you’ll never know how long they’ll last. Most organizations when do their annual forecasts, make their plans with an optimistic view of the economy, their business and perhaps based on more than a little bit of wishful thinking when it comes to their competition and their attempts to grab market share and revenue share.

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