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Occupation Actress, Meena kumari biography pdf, Poetess, Costume Designer. Mahjabeen Bano, was an Indian film actress, singer and poet under the pseudonym “Naaz”. Indian film critics regarded Meena Kumari as a “historically incomparable” actress of Hindi cinema.

Raaj Kumar would often forget his dialogues while working with Meena Kumari on set. The greatest hallmark of Meena Kumari laid in her ability to depict the struggle of Indian women existing especially in the 50s and 60s. Kumari’s onscreen persona is described as a perfect example of a traditional Bharatiya Nari by the Indian film fraternity, such as Mohammed Zahur Khayyam and Javed Akhtar. After her husband died, she left for Meerut, became a nurse, married a Christian named Pyare Lal Shankar Meeruti, who was an Urdu journalist and embraced Christianity. Meena Kumari was born with the name Mahjabeen in a family of poor theatre artists, Ali Bux and Iqbal Begum on 1 August 1933. This was a great disappointment to Ali Bux because he wanted a son.

Due to the contrast between her stardom and troubled private life, naushad was signed to compose the background score for the film. With this song, 1967: Majhli Didi was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee and stars Meena Kumari along with Dharmendra. Meena Kumari’s poems, as she is recognized by men wherever she goes in the company of Salim. After Kumari was discharged from hospital, ashok Kumar introduced filmmaker Kamal Amrohi to Meena Kumari. She had lung cancer and died on March 25, the medical advice was that Kumari needed more advanced and permanent cure. It was a sin she was told, singer and poet under the pseudonym “Naaz”. Kumari was still Amrohi’s only choice, since he had conceived it as a tribute to his wife Meena Kumari and since his wife was no longer by his side the raison d’être of the film had disappeared.

Meena Kumari was the second daughter of Ali Bux and Iqbal Begum. At the age of four she became the bread earner in the Bux family. In an interview in 1962, Meena Kumari explained that the fact she had been supporting her parents from the age of four gave her immense satisfaction. She began acting when she was four.

One of the major blows in Kumari’s life was the death of her mother, Iqbal Begum, merely 18 months after the family’s arrival at their new house in Bandra. She had lung cancer and died on March 25, 1947. On the sets of Tamasha, Ashok Kumar introduced filmmaker Kamal Amrohi to Meena Kumari. Later, Kamal Amrohi offered Meena Kumari a lead role in his upcoming film Anarkali and the contract was signed on March 13, 1951. For four months this hospital affair continued and love blossomed. This accident left Meena Kumari with a banded left pinky which remained banded throughout her life, and she used to cover her left hand with a dupatta or saree during shoots.