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The Icewind Dale Trilogy is an epic fantasy trilogy of novels by American writer R. A prequel trilogy, The Dark Elf Trilogy, followed as did several subsequent sequel series such as Legacy of the Drow and Paths of Darkness. In later years, these and other books featuring the character Drizzt Do’Urden have been rebranded as installments of The Legend of Drizzt: current publications of the Icewind Dale Trilogy are identified on their covers as books IV, V, and VI of that series. Akar Kessel is the former apprentice of Morkai the Red. He is left to die in a bowl-shaped dell of Icewind Dale by Dendybar the Mottled, who tricked Kessel into killing Morkai with promises to become the new head of the mage’s guild.

He comes across Crenshinibon, which allows him to survive and grants him great power. Errtu is the powerful balor who originally sought the Crystal Shard. After leaving the Abyss, he comes to the Prime Material Plane and stumbles upon Crenshinibon and Akar Kessel-its wielder. Akar, after reminding Errtu of his newfound power, appoints him general of his army. Following from the comic adaption of The Dark Elf Trilogy, Devil’s Due Publishing continued with the adaptation of Crystal Shard.

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Devil’s Due Publishing announced the individual issues for this series would be collected into a tradepaperback with Tyler Walpole serving as the cover artist. The series was adapted by Andrew Dabb and pencilled by Val Semeiks. The final issue of Halfling’s Gem was announced on 18 September 2007 and was shipped December 2007. 3 completes the adaptation of Dark Elf Trilogy and Icewind Dale Trilogy. The entire trilogy was ranked 9th in Banophernalia’s top 10 books for 2000. In the same site, the series was given 3 stars for Crystal Shard and 3. 5 stars for Streams of Silver and The Halfling’s Gem.

It was considered standard enjoyable fantasy fare although clichéd. Ian Strelec, Staff reviewer for d20zines. Vivid descriptions and good characterisations were praised in the novel however he was critical of unrealistic situations as well an over emphasis on combat scenarios. The last volume of the trilogy The Halfling’s Gem was ranked 14th in the New York Times Paperback best sellers’ list on March 11, 1990. Paul Hughes in an editorial review of the trilogy on amazon.