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North Africa during the Cretaceous Period. Its most distinctive feature was the huge sail-like fin on its back. This sail was made from spines that some out of the top of the backbones of all dinosaurs and all other backboned animals. The spines of Spinosaurus, were tremendous: The longest one found was over 1. The dinosaur may have used its sail to make itself look bigger. The jaws were long and slender, and the teeth were cone-shaped, like those of a crocodile.

Evidence suggests that it lived both on land and in water as a modern crocodilian does. The body color of the Spinosaur was a mixture of dark and light gray, a yellowed underbelly, and red splotches around its face, across its back, and at the end of its tail. The sail had blue circles, possibly for attracting the opposite sex. It was the largest carnivorous dinosaur on Isla Sorna. There is only one individual known to have lived on the island.

It took residence in the jungles of the northeast and became the apex predator of the region. During his time lost on Isla Sorna Eric Kirby learned that though Tyrannosaurus rex urine can scare off small dinosaurs like Compsognathus, it can also attract Spinosaurus. Amanda Kirby, Eric’s mother, apparently attracted a Spinosaurus that would follow her and her group throughout the duration of the incident by shouting her missing son’s name through a megaphone. Cooper ran in front of the plane as it taxied down the airstrip, and tried to convince Nash to stop the plane.

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