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In a globalised economy with a high degree of competition among countries, the success of a nation depends on the educational level of its workforce. This is true not only for those just entering or already integrated into the labour market but also for the unemployed, who may lack the importance of distance education pdf required by the growing demands of a knowledge economy. Governments should work to ensure that all citizens receive the technological training and experience necessary to participate in the global economy. Traditional school curricula tend to prioritise the accumulation of knowledge over the application of knowledge, and many school systems fail to adequately train students in digital citizenship and literacy.

Education reform is essential to provide learners with what are commonly called 21st century skills — those competencies and values needed to become responsible citizens in a learning society and sustain employability throughout life in a knowledge economy. At the administrative level, technology can make education systems more efficient by helping teachers and administrators streamline routine tasks and improve assessment and data collection. In the classroom, technology can be a powerful catalyst for pedagogical change, as students use technology to take a more active role in personalising their own education, and teachers take on new roles as facilitators of knowledge rather than knowledge transmitters. Technology also has the potential to transform education by extending the learning space beyond the four walls of a classroom. Although brick-and-mortar schools will continue to play a leading role in education over the coming decades, technology offers a variety of learning opportunities beyond the physical limits of school.

Distance learning, cooperative work in virtual environments, online learning communities and access to vast resources and databases are just some of the possibilities technology can offer to improve the quality teaching and learning worldwide. Finally, with this new flexibility come increased opportunities for educational access. By the end of 2011, nearly 2. 3 billion people were using the internet, suggesting that about a third of the world’s population is now online. Although the global trend is towards universal access to technology, particularly the internet, there are still many areas where internet access is non-existent or extremely limited. During the past 30 years, governments around the world have made important efforts to support school technology adoption.

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