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Windows Visit our website at www. Electronic User’s Guide and print it illustrated guide to the nec pdf your reference. Note We recommend that you print this documentation.

It will then be easily accessible even when your system is shut down. Page 4 Basic Care and Handling Tips Protect the computer from extremely low or high temperatures. Turning on the computer under such conditions can damage the internal computer components. Page 6: Starting Up Your Computer For The First Time Starting Up Your Computer for the First Time Packing List Before you begin using your computer, please remove all the items inside the packaging box and make sure that you have all the items in the packing list, illustrated below. Page 7 Note For information on the specification of your computer, please refer to the System Configuration Label on the packaging box that comes with your system. Setting Up and Booting Your Computer The first thing you need to do is to set your computer up correctly, making sure that all the essential devices and cables are properly connected. Page 8 The system unit has two fastening clips on its back, one on each side.

Close-up side view of fastening clips c. Align the slots on the back of the gadget pocket with the fastening clips on the back of the system unit. Page 9 It can be used to store devices, peripherals and gadgets neatly. To store a keyboard, remove the two plates from inside the gadget pocket first. These plates can slide in and out along grooves inside the gadget pocket.

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Position the system unit carefully so that the screen is facing down. Note Use a smooth, flat surface, and cover it with a non-abrasive material such as a soft cloth to prevent damage to your screen. CAUTION The hinge stopper must be installed. Page 11 Step 2 Note If you are using a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, ignore Step 2 and proceed to Step 3. Connect the USB connectors of the keyboard and mouse into any USB ports on the system unit.