Iec 60076 3 2013 pdf

Switching impulse test:To confirm the insulation of the transformer terminals and windings to the earthed parts and other windings, and to confirm the insulation strength in the windings and through the windings. Lightning impulse testto confirm the transformer insulation strength in case of a lightning hitting the connection terminals. To confirm the insulation strength of the transformer connection terminals and the connected windings to the earthed iec 60076 3 2013 pdf and other windings, both between the phases and through the winding.

According to standards, the transformer windings are made to meet the maximum operating voltage Um and the related insulation levels. The transformer insulation levels and the insulation test to be applied according to IEC 60076-3 is shown in the below table. 72,5 kV applied as routine test and the ACLD test is applied as routine or type test. If the ACSD test is defined, the SI test is not applied. In case of a transformer with one or more thanone gradual insulation, if foreseen by the induced voltage test, the switching impulse test isdetermined according to the maximum Um voltage winding. The foreseen test voltage can not be reached in lower Um voltage windings.

In this case, the ratio between the tap changer’s optimum tap position and the windings shall be such arranged that, the lowest Um voltage winding reaches the most appropriate value. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Tell us what you’re thinking we care about your opinion! Get access to premium electrical guides, technical articles and much more! 2018 EEP – Electrical Engineering Portal. The content is copyrighted to EEP and may not be reproduced on other websites. The measured losses depend heavily on the applied voltage waveform and frequency.

For this reason, the waveform of the voltage should be very sinusoidal and at rated frequency. The copper losses due to no-load current. The last two of them are very small in value and can be ignored. So, only the iron losses are considered in determining the no-load losses. If the supply voltage is different than sinusoid, the measured no-load losses have to be corrected by a calculation. If the readings of both voltmeter are equal, there is no need for correction.

In this way, the foreseen induction is formed and as a result of this, the hysteresis losses are measured correctly. The eddy-current losses should be corrected according to equation below. During no-load loss measurement, the effective value of the no-load current of the transformer is measured as well. In general, in three phase transformers, evaluation is made according to the average of the three phase currents. For this reason, the core has to be demagnetised. The no-load currents are neither symmetrical nor of equal amplitude in three phase transformers.

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