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Please forward this error screen to 108. Tunbridge Wells Borough Council has commenced work on preparing a new Local Plan that will guide future development in the borough up to 2033. A six hotel strategic planning pdf consultation on this document concluded at 5pm on Monday 12 June 2017. The consultation is no longer live.

The Issues and Options document sets out our initial thoughts about what a new Local Plan should contain and the issues it should address. It also sets out a number of possible options for where and how the future growth of the borough might be located. This Statement provides an overview of the Issues and Options consultation, describing who and how the Council consulted, what consultation material was used, how comments received have been considered and an evaluation of the consultation. The Statement also provides a summary of the comments received and the Council’s initial response to those comments. From the responses, and using our evidence, we will finalise the list of issues that the new Local Plan will cover and review the potential strategy options for dealing with these.

From this work we will produce a new draft Local Plan setting out a development strategy for the borough, site allocations and policies against which planning applications will be considered. The April 2016 Local Development Scheme, setting out the timescales for preparing various planning policy documents, can be viewed on our local development scheme page. The April 2016 Statement of Community Involvement, setting out how we will involve the community in the preparation of the Local Plan and other policy documents, can be viewed on our statement of community involvement page. A Sustainability Appraisal evaluates the social, economic and environmental impacts of policies and strategies to determine what extent they are in agreement with sustainable development objectives. The first stage of this process is known as scoping.

The following report explains how the Council has approached this task. At the same time as consulting on the Local Plan Issues and Options document, we consulted on an Interim Sustainability Appraisal. The consultation on the Interim Sustainability Appraisal ran from 2 May to 12 June 2017. Following the consultation exercise, amendments have been made throughout the Interim Sustainability Appraisal for further clarification, and full responses to the issues raised have been included in Appendix C. The Council has assembled various pieces of evidence to inform the preparation of the new Local Plan. This includes evidence for housing, the local economy, retail, transport and the environment. Completed pieces of evidence can be found under the Evidence Studies drop down list below.

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