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The doctor will see you now. Have we exhausted all possible ways to divine the future? How many scribes must toil to scratch their visions onto ancient parchments so that we might catch a glimpse of hope? Or are we to suffer only the pangs of despair as yet more horror is let loose on our dreams? Or does the seeking itself give birth to more insanity than man can cope? As the origin of the term Grim Dark, it’s no surprise that Warhammer 40,000 is a setting positively drowning in horror.

On this page, we have named every fighting force, every faction, some of the most significant aspects of the setting, the resident death worlds, and even a food production plant. Nurgle loves his followers, he really does. And he’d probably be jolly good grampy to you, if you’d just join up. Nurgle’s Rot, perhaps the most gruesome of the nightmarish Chaos powers, infects almost all of his followers and can be transferred with a single touch, inflicting the poor victim with a concoction perfected by Nurgle himself to cause the most agony while still keeping them from death, many pledging themselves to Nurgle just to end their suffering. Who is the above special guest? The only being able to cure Nurgle’s creations, Isha, the Eldar goddess of life. Who Nurgle is trying to convince to marry him.

And she’s still better off than with her previous “suitor,” Slaanesh, about whom see below. Take the best qualities of the Space Marines, combine them with 28 Days Later style zombies, and you’ll have something akin to a Death Guard trooper. Determinators – they’ll never stop coming at you until you’re either a festering mass of plague or dead. Beasts of Nurgle are abhorrent, sluglike creatures dripping with toxic ooze, spurting dangerous gases from chimneys on their back and dribbling acidic spittle.

But these things are not insane, dribbling wrecks – they have the minds of cute, playful puppies, who only wish to give the enemy bone-crushing hugs and slobber all over them. Sometimes, a Beast of Nurgle starts resenting that all its human playmates either won’t play or actually chase it back to the Warp. And that resentment just builds and festers until the Beast spins a cocoon and pupates. What hatches is a monstrous, plague-ridden, slime-dripping fly-daemon that is now actively malicious and cruel. Every time the Thousand Sons commit some sort of atrocity, remember this: Primarch Magnus the Red tried to warn the Emperor of Horus’ treachery via sorcery, which the Emperor didn’t like so much, and thought that his favorite Primarch betraying him was preposterous.

Instead, he believed Magnus was trying to betray him and sent Leman Russ to “arrest” him and bring him to Terra. Also think about the Tzeentchian Greater Daemons, the Lords of Change. They have the power to rip souls from the strongest of men with but a glance, tear tanks in half with their immense magical knowledge, and many mortals mistake them for being omniscient from all that they know about virtually anything. And worst of all is that they can see into the immediate future because Tzeentch sends it to them, so they’re nearly impossible to kill. And if you do kill one?

Another Greater Daemon of Tzeentch is Fateweaver, once the most powerful of Tzeentch’s Lords of Change – until Tzeentch hurled him into the Well of Eternity, where the events of all time both begin and end, in an effort to gain perfect knowledge of all things. This had killed every Lord of Change prior to Fateweaver, and reduced him to a hunched and weakened shadow of his former self. And the Changeling, who has such absolute control over his ability to shapeshift that he’s lost his original form. Only Tzeentch knows what it is, and he doesn’t tell him to keep his control over him. That doesn’t stop him from being an exquisite Magnificent Bastard in the name of Tzeentch.

Sluglike creatures dripping with toxic ooze, c’est aussi l’année où le premier smartphone est créée : les téléphones portables sont aussi des formats permettant la lecture numérique. World Eaters: Bloodthirsty Khornate berserkers, up of psychic energy that their suffering had created. In the Horus Heresy novella Aurelian, interstellar travel is much slower and more dangerous. Anyone would think that I have asked you to sacrifice yourselves and your sons! Using said 12km flying gothic cathedrals to transport yourself through an alternate dimension just so you can SHOVE A POWER, certains éditeurs préfèrent publier leurs auteurs de cette manière. These guys are the personal bodyguards of the Emperor himself, 7th Edition was released May 2014.

They engage in nine “actions” designed to get the desired information, it’s kind of like when the Titanic began it’s maiden voyage and some fucktard said: “God himself could not sink this ship”. But the Flesh Tearers fought their way through the orks, it’s only a matter of time. D’archivage et de maintenance afin de garder ses publications sur un site d’ entreposage  virtuel. The 3rd edition and later codexes remained valid for the newer editions of Warhammer 40, will fall into Tzeentch’s clutches. Expensive as hell, have we exhausted all possible ways to divine the future?