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Green dr haha lung pdf is an ancient Chinese remedy for diahrrea. Dried blueberries and blackberry brandy is also good.

Nutmeg added to any tea will do the trick too. In the very beginning of a diarrhea attack, the stomach is very upset, and adults should avoid any food or drink for at least 6 hours. 2 to 4 Junket tablets to a powder then add to any liquid other than dairy. I have been a traveler to other countries for most of life. In those place I use to get this ilness as result of eating local meals. So, I know first hand and from many instances how this illness gets you as you travel.

Would using a bulb syringe and a saline solution for a quick nasal flush be ok to do on babies that young? Old has his nose full of green stuff, but the coughing can linger a while especially in the morning. Michigan who was an expert in childrens sinus disease. Stumbled upon your website, of course it Saturday and the doctors office is closed.

I learned that to eat pineapple equal to one cup, curshed or whole ring or cubes. 12 hours illness is always gone! Plus, I luv to eat this pineapple so, it’s a treat! Drink all and the flour is used as a coating over your stomach. Mixture of lemon juice, sugar, salt and warm water. This acts as an electrolyte to replenish lost sugars and salts. 5 inches of lukewarm water for about 5 minutes.