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Electromagnetic waves, making up electromagnetic radiation, can be imagined as self-propagating transverse oscillating waves of electric and magnetic fields. EMR are emitted from a system of electrically charged particles, and these waves can subsequently interact with other charged particles. EM waves carry energy, momentum and angular momentum away from their source particle and can impart those quantities to matter with which they interact. In the domain of classical electrodynamics, EMR satisfies the following self-evident physical laws. Therefore, due to the energy conservation law, every EMR must have a source of electric charges that supplied its energy. EMR propagates in the vacuum without losing energy. In the quantum theory of electromagnetism, EMR consists of photons, the elementary particles responsible for all electromagnetic interactions.

E is the energy per photon, ν is the frequency of the photon, and h is Planck’s constant. 100,000 times the energy of a single photon of visible light. The effects of EMR upon chemical compounds and biological organisms depend both upon the radiation’s power and its frequency. Maxwell derived a wave form of the electric and magnetic equations, thus uncovering the wave-like nature of electric and magnetic fields and their symmetry. According to Maxwell’s equations, a spatially varying electric field is always associated with a magnetic field that changes over time. Currents directly produce a magnetic field, but it is of a magnetic dipole type that dies out with distance from the current. Whereas the magnetic part of the near-field is due to currents in the source, the magnetic field in EMR is due only to the local change in the electric field.

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A more compact view of EMR is that the far-field that composes EMR is generally that part of the EM field that has traveled sufficient distance from the source, that it has become completely disconnected from any feedback to the charges and currents that were originally responsible for it. Now independent of the source charges, the EM field, as it moves farther away, is dependent only upon the accelerations of the charges that produced it. Electromagnetic waves can be imagined as a self-propagating transverse oscillating wave of electric and magnetic fields. This 3D animation shows a plane linearly polarized wave propagating from left to right.

An alternate view of the wave shown above. Electrodynamics is the physics of electromagnetic radiation, and electromagnetism is the physical phenomenon associated with the theory of electrodynamics. Electric and magnetic fields obey the properties of superposition. Since light is an oscillation it is not affected by traveling through static electric or magnetic fields in a linear medium such as a vacuum.

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