Demonomicon of iggwilv pdf

He is known as demonomicon of iggwilv pdf “Demon Prince of Madness”, not because he claimed sovereignty over insanity, but primarily for his current state of mind. Ahazu the Seizer is a demon lord that now functions as a vestige as a result of his self-imposed imprisonment in the Abyssal layer known as the Wells of Darkness. Alrunes, known as The Soothing Spirit, covers the domains of Protection, sisterhood, and controls the 260th layer: Green Abyss, and was featured in Monster Manual II.

Anarazel, the Daring Darkness who concerns himself with adventurers, dwells on the 79 level, the Emessu Tunnels. He is listed in Monster Manual II. Ansitif is a demon lord who favored corrupting places of worship. Astaroth was a demon lord who is now a vestige. He was known by the title of Diabolus for his ability to infiltrate the ranks of the devils, and was worshiped by mortals for his prophetic abilities. Other than Gargauth, who uses his name, there is another being, who is also a vestige, who goes by the name of Astaroth. This Astaroth was a fallen celestial.

Green Ronin’s Armies of the Abyss has its own non-canonic take on Astaroth the demon prince. 357 “Demonomicon of Iggwilv”, page 29. The current Azuvidexus is an awakened tyrannosaur who had absorbed the original’s evil and intellect. 600th layer of the Abyss, called the Endless Maze.

Baphomet’s primary followers are minotaurs, but he is followed by other savage creatures, including ogres and giants. Baphomet urges his follow to engage in savage rites and to spread wild violence whenever possible. He hopes to someday destroy all civilization, leaving only savagery. Baphomet is a sworn enemy of Yeenoghu and opposes him at every turn.

Their followers commonly come into conflict, and Minotaurs and Gnolls always kill each other on sight. The Unwelcome, is concerned with discord and ruined peace and is listed in Monster Manual II. Bayemon, Of the Unhealing Wound is concerned with the afflicted is listed in Monster Manual II. Bayemon is said to have escaped from the Wells of Darkness. According to the “Demonomicon”, Kostchtchie is in possession of Bayemon’s still living severed head in his glacial fortress. Charun, The Hammerer, concerned with Massacres is listed in Monster Manual II.

Covered in Expedition to Castle Ravenloft. Codricuhn, The Blood Storm or Prince of the Eight Seas, concerned with Destruction, storms Coagulus. Allied with Ansitif to destroy the Malgoth. Dagon is an obyrith demon lord, also called Prince of the Depths. His realm is the 89th layer of the Abyss, and is known as Shadowsea. As one of the oldest demon lords in existence, Dagon is said to possess vast and forbidden knowledge.

Eblis, Of the Unbended Knee, concerned with Refusal to surrender is on the 1st layer: Pazunia. Not to be confused with the Eblis creatures. Ebulon is a former general of Graz’zt. He is imprisoned on layer 73: Wells of Darkness and is listed in Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss.

He has yellowed fangs, concerned with Destruction, is the demon lord of Slimes and Oozes. Through his own schemings and mischief, and is served by nalfeshnees as well. As a dark figure who visits witches and sorcerers, ereshkigal is a female demon lord mentioned in Monster Manual II. He has a vast repertoire of spell, well known for her bottomless hunger for the bones of pregnant mothers and newborn babes. Graz’zt is a skilled politician – 600th layer of the Abyss, intelligent demon named Verin.