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For other uses, see Control and Treatment and control groups. This article needs additional citations for verification. Take identical growing plants and give fertilizer to half control of records procedure pdf them. If there are differences between the fertilized treatment and the unfertilized treatment, these differences may be due to the fertilizer as long as there weren’t other confounding factors which affected the result.

For example, if the fertilizer was spread by a tractor but no tractor was used on the unfertilized treatment, then the effect of the tractor needs to be controlled. A scientific control is an experiment or observation designed to minimize the effects of variables other than the independent variable. Controls eliminate alternate explanations of experimental results, especially experimental errors and experimenter bias. Many controls are specific to the type of experiment being performed, as in the molecular markers used in SDS-PAGE experiments, and may simply have the purpose of ensuring that the equipment is working properly. For example, if a researcher feeds an experimental artificial sweetener to sixty laboratory rats and observes that ten of them subsequently become sick, the underlying cause could be the sweetener itself or something unrelated.

Other variables, which may not be readily obvious, may interfere with the experimental design. The simplest types of control are negative and positive controls, and both are found in many different types of experiments. These two controls, when both are successful, are usually sufficient to eliminate most potential confounding variables: it means that the experiment produces a negative result when a negative result is expected, and a positive result when a positive result is expected. Where there are only two possible outcomes, e. In other examples, outcomes might be measured as lengths, times, percentages, and so forth.

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