Constitution of ussr pdf

Adopted in 1979 and amended in 1989. Constitution of ussr pdf collection of Profiles of notable contemporary Iranians. Learn about how Iran’s complex political system works and who really wields the power. The Assembly of Experts-Appoints the Supreme Leader and monitors his performance and can remove him.

The 86 members are elected for an eight year term. The Expediency Council-An advisory body for the Leader which has the responsibilty of resolving the difference between the jusdiciary and the parliament. All the members are appointed by the Supreme Leader. The twelve appointed members screen all potential candidates for Assembly of Experts, President and Parliament. The conservative council has the authority to veto legislation they judge to be inconsistent with the Constitution or Islamic law. Features biographies of the President and members of the cabinet. The official Parliament site provides extensive information on the activities, organisation and members of the legislative body.

Majlis Deputies-The 290-members are elected by popular vote to serve four-year terms. Read profiles of all Parliament deputies. Provides comprehensive news and information on the activities of the legislature. Includes current affairs and economic news. Consists of library, museum and historical documents.

Provides information on the Majlis library. Supreme Audit Court-Responsible for auditing and Accountability for the Parliament. Information on laws, courts, affiliated organizations and more. Provides an overview of the judicial system. Includes selected laws, legal articles and links to related sites.

Provides information on the courts jurisdiction and procedures. Minister of Justice-Provides a brief biography. Highlights the constitution, executive, legislative and judicial power structures, the Parliament and online resources. Globalex: A Guide to the Legal System of the Islamic Republic of Iran-Provides an overview of the government, the presidency, the legal and judicial systems, courts and online resources. Iranian civil, commercial code and business laws. Trade Laws-Comprehensive coverage of trade laws in Iran. Iran: WIPO – World Intellectual Property Organization-In Adobe PDF-Format.

Sanctions Program Summaries – Iran-By U. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. Read pages 139, 140, 141 in pdf format. Adopted on October of 1998 and amended on July 1, 1989. International reference library for oil, gas, and mineral laws. Chronology of Events Regarding Women in Iran since the Revolution of 1979. Violence against women and honour-related violence in Iran.