Hallstatt, a fairy-tale village in Austria

Hallstatt, a fairy-tale village in Austria

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Now I am going back in time and write about one little village in Austria. We went to Hallstatt about a month ago and enjoyed our day there very much. I believe that spontaneous decisions can lead to the best adventures and that seems to work out for me every time. Also this time Hallstatt wasn’t planned route but at one moment I started googling for other options and this place seemed amazing. I think that because my planned route was in my head and I had been thru this so many times I got bit bored with it. And I just don’t know how could I miss place like this at first?

Hallstatt is a village located in western Austria. Its next to the Hallstättere See lake (what is quite big one!). When we were driving to Hallstatt we noticed many little beautiful places around the lake and we also had swim there. I have to admit its my favorite place to swim so far! The water was so clear and those mountains made the view breathtaking. If you haven’t noticed yet, I am a big fan of mountains! Even though the water was quite cold it was a needed cool down. It was around 29 degrees outside!

Arriving to Hallstatt was bit confusing for me, it was somehow so small and it was hard to manage driving there. But as we drove to the village we noticed some parking lots in the tunnels above the village and went back there quickly. The sign said 3 hours of free parking but Kristjan managed to put totally wrong time on the parking trolley and we didn’t get a fine (it was like we were parking there for 10 hours)!

The view from the parking lot was already amazing but when we walked down the stairs I felt like we arrived to a fairy-tale village. All the cute and interesting houses, lots of colorful flowers, tiny streets and all the other interesting elements. It was hard to make a good pic of the interesting tiny roads from one house to another and small backyards. Also I felt like this is people private area and didn’t want to capture it. You have to go there to see it and feel it! The houses are from 16 century and are called Alpine houses. We noticed them everywhere but somehow in there they were magical.

Prices seemed surprisingly affordable if to consider that it was a tourist magnet and Austria is expensive anyway (at least for us). With 5-10 euros was possible to get something to eat (noticed many small cafes with pancake offers). As always, we still didn’t eat there and chose a boat rent instead. If you are budget traveling its so much cheaper to prepare your own food! Renting a small boat with paddles costed 8 euros for 30 min (I find that price okay comparing to other places). There were also  electric motor boats but their rent were more expensive. I think the happiest one in the boat was our dog Susla. He just smiled and enjoyed it and it was pretty fun to watch him. Also the view from this angle was absolutely stunning. If you travel to Hallstatt then rent a boat there for sure!

In Hallstatt you could also find small museums, art gallery’s, different workshops and of course many little cafés and restaurants. As always ,we just wandered around and enjoyed the place. Nearby is also a salt mine what seemed worth of visit but we didn’t go there, at least this time 🙂


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