Calanques de Marseille

Calanques de Marseille

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Our first plan for the weekend where do go to the Verdon Gorge what is known as a French canyon. But things didn’t work out as we planned so we decided to push that plan further (and I can’t wait for it!!!) and went for a day to Les Calanques national park. Les Calanques is located in South of France next to the Marseille. Currently we are staying in Maubec, Provence so we had a 2 hours ride there (its only 100km but there are so many villages on the way). Les Calanques is located next to the sea and has beautiful landscape (rocky mountains). This time we decided to just have a walk and didn’t go to swim because we both were bit sick. Cliff jumps are definitely in our bucket list tho. Weather is still nice (for us over 20 degrees is warm) and the sea should be warmest at autumn so I think we still have time for that.

Because our decision do go to Les Calanques was a last minute call I didn’t plan our tripp as I usually do. So I didn’t have clue what to expect and also I didn’t have no idea that you cannot drive there… What is nice, to take a walk, but we didn’t have no idea which trails should we walk. So if you are going to Les Calanques google a bit to choose the nicest trails and plan what you want to see. For example Cassis is nearby and its forth of visit. Yes and of course Marseille but we aren’t that much of city people and so big places don’t interest us that much. We drove thru there though and I must say that the traffic at night was terrifying.. 😀

Even though we didn’t have any map we just headed towards the sea and had an amazing walk there. The trails are quite easy and it would be perfect for children also. Susla (our dog) also loved the walks there and even showed good climbing skills (we choose the highest and rockiest hill to climb up do). Because there’s no high threes it’s also quite easy to find your way back and see where you should head. Even though we managed to get lost a bit… 😀 The direction were right but the car parking lot was down the hill and we were a lot higher .. But we found our way back easily.

Any France lovers here? Because i start do becoming one!

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