Lake Como

Lake Como

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Its our first post in english!!! I didn’t plan to start blogging in english so soon.. I just were too scared and told myself that if i get better at english then i will start blogging in both languages – english and estonian. But the truth is that if I keep thinking like that.. the time will never come and I will never be good enough for myself. And I think that the best way to learn is to practice! So if somebody wants to correct me I am very open to that 🙂 I also will translate some older post with time if somebody is interested.

Italy and so Lake Como, wasn’t actually planned to our trip at first. We were sitting in one gas station cafe in Austria and it was heavy raining. Kristjan started to look the gas prices and we realized just then that its extremely expensive in Switzerland. I knew it before but didn’t really think about it much. We had couple days left to relax before arriving to our first Wwoofing place in France and it seemed  that in Switzerland would be too hard to relax with all those high prices and I have always wanted to visit Lake Como and its surrounding city’s. And we decided – Italy it is! Put the address in and started driving immediately. 

Even tho we changed our plans, we were able to see a bit of Switzerland also, we just had to drive thru it. I must say that the Swiss Alps are just stunning… And the city’s seem somehow so rich. It was like we could see that people live well there. Unfortunately it was still raining and our plan to have a stop in Lausanne didn’t work out. We just kept on driving.

Lake Como is absolutely breath taking! The water was bluest I have ever seen, like a blue lagoon, and the surrounding mountains made it perfect. Driving around the lake it was like one city ended and another one started, we didn’t do the whole round but looking the maps we noticed that there’s not much uninhabited areas. Those little places where full of different exotic plants and of course  palm trees. Because the weather was so warm by then, we decided that we want to take a swim.. But we couldn’t  find a place for that!!! There where some places that we found by googling but we just couldn’t find them there..??  We also asked from one camping place that how much they take for just swimming in their “beach” and they said that two people 19€.. That’s insane! It was better just let the swimming idea go.

We didn’t follow any tourist must do actions  and just walked around.  I think my best travel advice would always be to just walk around and enjoy culture and nature (or architecture) around you. For us is Italy something totally different from our homeland Estonia. All the different exotic plants and interesting architecture. I always just walk around the streets without any destination and expectations. And of course in Italy it’s a must do have pizza or/and pasta somewhere (but we didn´t… shame.. but its usually hard to find gluten free vegan pizza for me)!

As we travel by car we always have a question – where do park? In there it was actually very easy and prices where okay also. I think it was about 1,5€ for 2 hours. There were also free parking places, you can usually park everywhere there is a white line on a side of a road. And if there’s no sign about a parking fee – its free. And if it’s a yellow – don’t park. If do talk about driving there , wheow… It can be challenging at least for Estonians. Tight roads where do pass another car isn’t that easy and driving fast at the same time..  And of course lots of signal if you don’t move fast enough. So for nervous drivers it can be bit too much. I would love to go back there for longer time than a day.

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