1979 corvette repair manual pdf

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His Wedding Organizer By Retni S. The two instruments that Corvette drivers pay the most attention to are the tachometer and the speedometer. The tachometer lets you know how the engine is performing. An inaccurate reading can lead to major problems such as rods and pistons exiting out of the side of the block. A speedometer that isn’t working correctly can lead to an up close and personal visit with a Highway Patrolman.

Lets face it, neither of these two problems are an enjoyable experience. The symptoms of tachometer problems include: a sticking needle, a tach that will not register above a certain RPM, a tach that works correctly sometimes while not working other times, a needle that does not return to zero when the ignition is turned on, a needle that jumps radically or fluctuates or a tach that just does not work at all. The speedometer has similar symptoms: The needle fluctuates, sticks in one position, will not return to zero, will not register past a certain speed, reads slow or fast, the odometer does not register or it also just does not work. They can supply all of the needed parts to rebuild or replace your Corvette’s tachometer and speedometer. Our Project 77 Corvette speedometer and tachometer both needed repairs. Since this was the case, we decided to do them both at the same time. You will not need any special tools to do the repair but you will need patience.

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